[Laguna Loop Trip 3] Sts. Peter and Paul Church (Siniloan, Laguna)

The Parish of Sts. Peter and Paul in Siniloan, Laguna was established in 1604. That’s according to what is embossed on the church. And if it’s for real, imagine, almost only after a decade since Magellan discovered the Philippines, the Spaniards already established a town in a far-flung place like Siniloan.

With regards to when this actual church was built, I don’t know. It seems to me that this is already built during the 20th century. Its interior shows some resemblance to our own St. Peregrine Shrine in Muntinlupa, which was built in 1998. There’s no pulpit too, which is common to Spanish-era churches. (By the way, the pulpit is where the priest gives his homily. It was located almost at the center on purpose to be heard by the mass goers. Remember that they don’t have sound amplification at that time.)

There was a wedding when I arrived here, although it’s only the picture taking part that I saw. Everyone was busy then (and after the wedding, there’s a mass for the dead that will be celebrated right after).

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How to get to Sts. Peter and Paul Church?

There are two ways to get to Siniloan, Laguna. First is via Sta. Cruz, Laguna. Ride a bus going to Sta. Cruz, Laguna (I would personally recommend riding a DLTB bus going to Sta. Cruz. They have a terminal near the Gil Puyat LRT Station) Then, you can ride a jeepney going to Siniloan, Laguna.

Another way is via Rizal. You can either choose to ride a bus to Infanta, Quezon (Raymond Transportation is your only choice. They have terminals in Araneta Center-Cubao and Sampaloc Manila; buses to Infanta leaves every hour.), tell the conductor to drop you to Mabitac Junction, and ride a jeepney going to Siniloan. OR you can opt to go to Tanay, Rizal (there are jeepneys from EDSA Central in EDSA Shaw), then take another jeepney ride to Siniloan.

Either way you choose, you will notice the Siniloan Church predominating the “skyline” of the Siniloan Town Proper.


5 thoughts on “[Laguna Loop Trip 3] Sts. Peter and Paul Church (Siniloan, Laguna)

  1. It was rebuilt last 2004 on its 400 years anniversary that’s why it is modernized.. the old church was quite a half of its present size.. there is no other Catholic Church in our town so as much as possible the Priest is accommodating all the masses..

  2. The original church was only half of its present size.. It was rebuild on 2004 for its 400 years anniversary.. It is the only Catholic Church here in our town that’s why it accommodates all kinds of mass a day..

    • Thanks for the info 😀
      The parish priest must be having a hard time serving all masses in your town (I know it’s very rewarding though)

  3. Hi, I will be traveling to Siniloan this Sat from De Castro.. usually ba punuan na yung bus or is it okay if I just wait for the bus to pass by at Ortigas Ave? Appreciate your reply! Thanks!

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